Pacific Triangle: Hawaii, Guam, and Japan (Summer 2008)

July 2008: After finishing up grad school, I took off with Tim to tour the great, wide Pacific. Of course in true Tim and Brett fashion, we traveled for two and a half weeks and only paid for one night of lodging. How? you may ask, because we mooched off of far flung friends and family.

Hawaii, Kailua Beach

First stop: Hawaii, to vist my brother Taylor. As this was our second trip to Hawaii , we had a more relaxing time with some hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and male modeling. All your standard Hawaiian things.

Hawaii Pictures:

Guam, Reef

Second stop: Guam, where Tim's brother Michael is stationed in the Air Force. More hiking and snorkeling, with some scuba diving and boonie bee stings thrown in for good measure.

Guam Pictures:

Japan, Sensoji

Third stop: Japan, where my friend Justin is doing a summer internship. Shrines, crazy Japanese people, Mt. Fuji, and raw horse meat. All the things that make Japan great.

Japan Pictures:

Also see Justin's Pictures from our time in Japan.