Lone acacia tree on the plains of the Maasai Mara

Kenya Travels

Michele and I, along with Shan, are off to Kenya mainly for the purpose of going to our friend Laura's wedding. She went to Cornell with us but worked in the international agriculture area. She met a Kenyan named Kahenya while working in the town of Nakuru in central Kenya. They hit it off and are now engaged. Laura has been living in Kenya since last June.

Our flights are relatively uneventful. We go from Boston to Amsterdam, have a quick espresso, and then hop on a 747 for another 8 hours of flying. I watch four movies and sleep for less than 45 minutes. Par for the course. We left our apartment in Boston at 5pm Saturday and arrived at our destination in Nairobi at 10pm Sunday for a total travel time of 21 hours.

We catch a taxi from the airport to meet up with Laura. She's set us up with a place to stay at her friend Megan's. Megan is a New Jersian who works for one of the big worldwide NGOs. She has an amazing place on a gated street in Nairobi. The place has soaring ceilings, all woods floors, and a kickass patio. We take the time to have two beers on the patio. The weather is 70's with a nice cool breeze. It's a good way to end the day. Present: Me, Michele, Shan, Laura, Burgen (another Cornell friend who's in from India for the wedding), Megan, and Dina (one of Megan's coworkers from Baltimore).

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