Island of Oahu, Hawaii

September 2007, Tim and I go off to Kailua, Hawaii for a week to visit Taylor. Sand, sun, diving, hiking, and the like.

Kailua Beach park, a mere 5 minute walk from Taylor and Astrid's apartment.

Me and T on Lanikai Beach with the Mokuluas (or 'Mokes' as those in the know say) in the background.

Tim, Brett, Taylor, and Astrid (in that order).

Brett wears the Chinaman's Hat.

Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu.

I convinced everyone that we should hike the Haiku Steps (often called the Stairway to Heaven). It's a mere 4,000 metal steps up to the top of the mountain. The stairs lead to a WWII era microwave installation. As you can see from the picture, it's currently not exactly legal to hike the stairs.

After skirting the gate, you only have to scale this fence and hike under the raised highway to get to the first steps. Piece of cake (just hope your car hasn't been towed when you get back).

Upward! Let the fun begin. The steps are actually in very good shape. They were restored not too long along, but a continued land dispute prevents legal access.

A view downward (but not from the top). You hike up this knife-edge ridge. If you squint, you can see our car parked in the neighborhood in the upper right.

It's a long way to the top.

A view out the window of an old military building.

Part of the view from the top.

More mountain scenery. This hike was totally gorgeous and extremely unique. I hope the land issues will be resolved in the near future so everyone can have easy access.

Sunrise over the Mokes at Lanikai beach.

Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The Battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese surrendered on the deck of the Missouri at the end of WWII.

One of the official copies of the surrender treaty. You can see on this one that the Canadian representative was kind enough to sign on the wrong lines, causing lots of scratching out and rewriting.

The USS Arizona memorial.

The flag flying above the memorial.