Big Trip Websites:

Italy-Austria-Germany (September 2014)

Kenya (January 2011)

Canadian Fly-in Fishing (June 2010)

Rome (February 2010)

Eastern Europe (March 2009)

Pacific Triangle (Summer 2008)

Puerto Rico (Spring 2008)

Hawaii (September 2007)

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (June 2007)

Iceland, Amsterdam, and Belgium (September 2006)

Summer in England (2005)

Cross Country Roadtrip (Summer 2004)

More Wordy Travelogues:

Stairway to Heaven: The Haiku Stairs (posted 11/24/08)

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Homebrew Log

Launch of the Kaitlyn

A Few Woodworking Projects

Shark on Fire: A Poem

The Shark comes
Quiet, like a breeze full of shadows
Deadly, like a breeze full of ninjas
The Shark comes
The Shark burns